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Medicine packaging – the major diversities between Europe and the USA to consider

Packaging has to match a number of goals, such as: protect the goods, prevent stealing, be inexpensive, and maintain a balance between its performance and its cost, both from the standpoint of the material employed and the time occupied to create the packing.

From an eco-friendly point of view, it is important that materials are effortlessly recycled and employed as small as possible.

There are numerous products in the retail that may be mixed up between one other because of identical aspects, colors or labels. Medicine packages should vary substantially from sanitation and cooking products. For instance, American tablet packaging confuses a drug with a snack, and that is not a good idea... for the consumer. Packaging for human medications is one of the important fields of design and study. So it is great to take into consideration that, in this regard, there are undeniable differences between the EU and the United States. Although health in the US is a topic of individuals and insurance economic issues, in most states in the EU it is governmental. This difference influences the manner in which medications are seen by people. Thus, US drugstores sell a wide range of medications with a graphic pattern that in the EU is tipical of mostly alimentary supplements.

On the other hand, in the EU, where the advertising of medications is much more severe, the tablet packaging has a more practical look, with no applause and no recommendations. The justification for this difference in marketing messages is clear: the package's target in the EU are doctors, while in the majority of the US, the destination of the package is the patient.